Tirar o Bush da cartola

De repente, o assunto já não são as dificuldades de reforma do sistema de saúde, mas outra vez Bush (parece que custa a morrer):

The administration is in a deep health care debate, a national debate, and every hour that passes, support for his plans are diminishing and his own popularity is tanking.

All of a sudden, this issue explodes on a Monday. Friday, the administration met at 5:00 after hours, releases a $2 trillion error in estimates of deficits, and on bright Monday, you get this re-litigation of the Bush administration all of a sudden exploding upon us.

Look, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I’m not a child. It’s not a coincidence.

And secondly, you get the president pretending he is against all this and that it is Holder, the attorney general whose initiative all of this is about, as if Holder isn’t an employee and under the direction of the administration.

So, the president is the good cop who is magnanimous, who really wants to look ahead as the messianic visionary he is, and Holder is the bad guy.

Por enquanto ainda vai dando para tirar o Bush da cartola. Veremos se resulta.

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