Pactio Olisipiensis Censenda Est

The European Parliament has voted to reinsert the EU’s national symbols: its flag, anthem, motto and public holiday. You will remember that the deletion of these emblems was the sole alteration made to the European Constitution when it was resurrected as the Lisbon Treaty. Now MEPs have voted to overturn the referendum results and, flicking two fingers at their voters, to give these trappings of statehood more exposure than ever. The national anthem, Beethoven’s Ninth, will now be played whenever the European Parliament meets in solemn session, with MEPs expected to stand to attention. I decided, on balance, to postpone my planned protest: given the current global circumstances, it would have looked  trivial. But I did register my dissent, in the 60 seconds provided under the rules, without hesitation, repetition or deviation. The Treaty of Lisbon must be put to the people: Pactio Olisipiensis Censenda Est.


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